Parallel Parking Tips

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2019 Honda Fit EX-L Parallel Parking

Driving to your next coffee roaster around Seattle, or headed to your favorite library branch? You’ll probably have to parallel park. Learn parallel parking tips and parallel parking dimensions here at Honda of Kirkland.

How to Parallel Park

Sure, you’ve taken driver’s ed and you’ve passed your test at the Seattle DMV. Still, you may not remember how to parallel park. That’s why Honda of Kirkland is here to help with these useful parallel parking tips, for practice:

    1. Find a parking space that’s long enough to fit your vehicle, with a bit of room to spare.
    2. Put your turn signal on.
    3. Make sure there’s nothing behind you by checking your rearview and side view mirrors.
    4. Line up your vehicle with the one in front of your desires parking spot.
    5. Take another look around the vehicle, including your blind spots, to make sure your path is clear.
    6. Shift the gear knob into reverse.
    7. Slowly take your foot off the brake and begin inching back.
    8. Begin turning the steering wheel when you’re able to see the front bumper of the car your were aligned with.
    9. Keep reversing at around a 45 degree angle.
    10. Turn your steering wheel in the other direction when you start getting close to the curb.
    11. Back up until you’re into the spot.
    12. Inch forward and straighten out the vehicle.

Parallel Parking Dimensions

Parallel parking dimensions can vary somewhat depending on the population and vehicle density of the area you’re in, as well as the size of your vehicle. In general, though, most parallel parking spots are between 9 and 12 feet in length, as well as around 4 feet or so width.

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