Airbag Recall Information

There has been a lot of news media coverage on the airbag recall for many car companies including Honda. We want to assure you that American Honda is working diligently to correct this issue. American Honda will contact you by mail if your vehicle has a recall when the parts to fix it are available. The letter will go to the address your vehicle is registered to. If you would like to look up to see if your vehicle potentially has a recall you can enter your Honda VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) number at the website below. Your VIN number is found a number of places including on your registration, your driver’s side door jam and at the bottom right-hand side of your windshield:

If you own a vehicle by a different manufacturer (ie Ford, Toyota, etc.) that you believe may be affected by a recall, you can enter that VIN number at the website below:

Honda of Kirkland is committed to the safety of you, our valued customers. When parts for a recall are available, we will be able to correct this concern promptly. Until then, if you have any questions you may contact American Honda direcly at 800.999.1009 option 4.

Please click to read an article from Automotive News in regards to a statement from The National Highway traffic Safety Administration