How to Jump a Hybrid

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Hybrid Honda Charging

If you’ve lost power on your hybrid vehicle and need to jumpstart it, you may be concerned about how to do so considering the differences that exist between hybrid and gas powertrains. Unlike conventional gasoline engines, hybrid vehicles usually have two different batteries—a 12-volt battery and a lithium-ion or nickel hybrid battery. Learn how to jump a hybrid here at Honda of Kirkland.

Which Battery Do I Use to Jump?

Your hybrid battery is the main battery used to power your hybrid motor, but the 12-volt battery in most hybrids is just like the 12-volt battery used to start conventional cars. This is the battery you will use to jump your hybrid, whether you’re in a used Honda Civic Hybrid or one of the new Honda Accord Hybrid models.

Steps to Jumpstart a Hybrid

The steps you follow to jump your Honda hybrid are the same as jumping a vehicle with a conventional engine, including:

  1. Find another vehicle that’s working and put it head-to-head with your car.
  2. Turn off the other car.
  3. Make sure both cars’ parking brakes are on.
  4. Pop the hood of both vehicles.
  5. Get a set of jumper cables out.
  6. Clamp a red clip onto the positive terminal of your car’s 12-volt battery.
  7. Clamp the other red clip onto the other car’s positive terminal.
  8. Clamp a black clip onto the other car’s negative terminal.
  9. Clamp the other black clip on to an unpainted metal surface on your vehicle to ground it.
  10. Turn the other car on, and wait a few minutes.
  11. Turn on your car.
  12. If your vehicle fails to turn on after a few tries, the battery may be permanently dead and you may need to call for a tow.

Get Honda Service Near Seattle at Honda of Kirkland

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